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Your Reliable Partner In Maintaining Health & Hygiene.

About Us

Following good hygiene practices not only support in prevention of diseases but also lead to wellness and good health. The main part of following good hygiene practices is using right hygiene maintaining products. So, here we, 24 Care Health & Hygiene, help you invest in the best type of hygiene maintaining products.

By nature, our company is a trader and wholesaler of Disposable Tie On Mask, Disposable Face Mask, Medical Examination Gloves, Plastic Shoe Cover, Disposable Bouffant Cap, Nitrile Examination Gloves, Orthopedic Products and a host of other hygiene maintaining items. Our offerings are created in a hygiene based environment by our partner manufacturers, who also focus on maintaining quality. It is our commitment to introduce supreme standards of disposable health maintaining items that we have joined hands with market popular manufacturers.

Caring for society and needs of modern people, we bring forth standard designs and sizes of disposable products, pack them in different capacities and ensure their smooth and swift delivery to location specified by customers.

Covid-19 Essentials

Lets Fight Coronavirus Together

One of the most dreadful viruses in the human history, Coronavirus has changed the perspective of people in innumerable ways. This infectious disease has the power of affecting people in various ways with mild to severe symptoms. With the growing concerns of human living, being extra cautious is need of the hour.

We at 24 Care Health & Hygiene support you in taking the right precautions by introducing premium quality Covid-19 Essentials. We have Disposable Tie On Mask, Disposable Bouffant Cap, Plastic Shoe Cover, Orthopedic Products and numerous other products. These products find their use in hospitals to limit spread of infection.

These are indisputably uncertain times, where a large number of people are getting affected with the disease on a daily basis but in the rush do not be a panic buyer, be a smart buyer by picking the right quality at our company.

Reasons To Deal With Us

With the rising need for disposable health maintaining products, more and more companies are stepping in the industry but there is no match to our company. Factors supporting the same are bulleted below:

  • We obtain only excellent quality products
  • We charge wholesale prices for our collection 
  • We make urgent deliveries in all healthcare units